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More than 7,000 offshore oil and gas platforms have been installed in the U.S. federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico since 1947 creating the largest system of artificial reefs on the planet. These habitats are disappearing rapidly, approximately 5,000 platforms have been removed so far and 95% of the remaining 2,000 platforms on the Louisiana continental shelf are scheduled for removal by 2025. An unexpected, long-term effect of the underwater structures has been the creation of critical habitat for endangered sea turtles and protected coral and fish. We suggest that they should be left in place and redeployed for alternate uses. Marine invertebrates and fish, difficult to grow inshore, could be raised on offshore platforms for stock-enhancement and pharmaceutical applications. Retired platforms can be used for the sequestration of greenhouse gases and the production of renewable ocean energy derived from wind, current, wave, geo-thermal, salinity gradients, and bio-fuels and the production of hydrogen, (i.e. extraction of hydrogen from seawater via electrolysis).

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